Peacock Baton Company

                Welcome to the Peacock Baton Company. Since 1970 we have manufactured the Peacock American Maces, American Scotty Maces and various Military Batons and accessories.  At Peacock Baton Company we understand the delicate balance, weight and design of the Drum Majors mace and baton. 
    The company was started by Tom and Nancy Peacock in Anaheim, California and is now located in Kingman, Arizona.  The owners are Wesley and Rebecca Peacock 2nd generation owners. They have a combined 24 years of experience in mace and baton manufacturing.  We believe our maces and batons to be the utmost in value, durability and balance.  We understand the tradition of making fine quality hand made maces, batons and accessories.

Please note we are a manufacturer and do not sell directly to the public.
Time in Kingman, Arizona is

Peacock Baton Company, LLC
Phone: (928) 377-1008 Fax: (480) 772-4958 E-Mail:
PO Box 3871
Kingman, AZ 86402
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